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5 Things You Must Know to Start a Project.


Hi, finally together again. Today I will show you how to start with your first project. Well, an entrepreneur is not necessarily a business man rather he must be interpreted as a leader-creative man. To be entrepreneur we don’t need special university studies, neither lessons of 6oo+ hours. Really, the core of an entrepreneurship is a decision-making personality, open-mindedness, self-esteem and above all, a lot of patience and discipline.

Yes, I know, not everyone has these skills, but from my own experience I can tell you that these are habits witch all people could learn with practice and experience. For that reason, like I told you already, I am going to talk about the five steps you need for your first project.              

1: Believe in your project

This step is linked to the self confidence, the action with determination and specially to the capacity of ignoring. Yes, ignoring, because sometimes it happens that we run into so negative people that with the first opportunity they will try to take us down. We should keep away our projects from them because in the beginning is not hard to have doubts and be uncertain about the future of the project.  It’s very common that we hear people tell us “oh man, I think that this is not going to work” or “the idea is very simple, or very extravagant to be successful” and then if you don’t act with determination, you could be influenced by them.

It is therefore necessary to be convinced of your own idea even if this looks like something dumb at the beginning, because when you are convinced it will be easier to convince the right people as well. But I am not talking about your friends or your family, I talk about those who will be your investors investing their money or their time or even just moral support, they should be more convinced than you. I am not kidding fall in love with your idea, because nobody will invest, back up or follow your crazy project if you are not passionate for this crazy project.

2: Clear purpose

The human brain was made to focus on just one thing at a time. Although, there are people who say they can focus in several aspects of the life at a same time, the truth is that when it is making a lot of things at a time the outcome will never be optimal and the result will be mediocre, poor, ordinary and, my friend, let me tell you something, you won’t go far like this.  A picture has always one point that is more focused, in this point the spectator will pay all of his attention, it is a focal point, photographers call it the sweet spot.

An entrepreneurship must be just like a picture, where the picture is the project and the sweet spot the purpose. Just think about it, when a picture is focused we can appreciate it easier and with more pleasure, but when it’s unfocused we refuse it and we cannot enjoy it. Even, if you have a simple idea like a website, you must have a clear purpose being able to explain it clearly to the visitors. If not, then why to invest money, time, emotions and work on a web site that it does not have a reason to be?

3: Desegregate your purpose

So, once we got a very, very clear goal, next step is to desegregate from it each of the sub-goals or tasks which will help us to end the project. For example, your goal is the development of an online store, the desegregation of your purpose will be, for instance, what will you need to materialize it? To find and buy a hosting service, to acquire a domain for your web, to purchase stock of the products to be offered for selling, to calculate a budget, to open an account to receive your customer payments, etc.

With this way we can reach the goal easier because the purpose will be divided into parts. At this point we reached half of the way, so let’s move on with the next step.

4: Discipline

This is the ability that some people have to implement a series of actions related to constancy and persistence to get it. Discipline is the one that allows you to take control over the negative impetus, above all, those that back you off from the goal and rather pitched you to enjoy instant pleasure. Yes, I know, discipline is the harder part of the topic.

This is the point where 90% of applicants fall back because a lot of people think that to entrepreneur is cool but when they confront themselves face to face with discipline end up giving up because nobody has been taught us or trained us about discipline and a lot of authors talk about the beauty of being disciplined, but a just few of them explain how to make it happen.

5: motivate yourself

 Yes, I really tell you and insist about it: motivate yourself!

Motivation should be the first requirement to be an entrepreneur, after a lot of time I understood it. Yet I must learn more, but from personal experience I can tell you that I have failed with a lot of projects because I didn’t have the motivation. I had everything, skills, ideas, energy and time but not the most important: motivation.

Why is this important?  Because motivation and discipline are the core of any business project or of life itself. It’s so easy to write about motivation and perseverance, but I would not do it if I did not know what I’m talking about. In my case I have some tricks to keep me motivated, for example I always have a good audio book near me while I’m starting any project, I listen to it 20 minutes before going to sleep, that helps me a lot to leave the drama aside and focus on the goal, which finally is what we want, also helps me to physically exercise and listen to good music.

And I speak of really positive music, if you are an entrepreneur, please do not listen depressive rock or violent rap, these styles shoot you up with the kind of energy they transmit and you do not want this during the entrepreneur process. If you like rock, you can pick some happy or funny bands. Latin music as well, like salsa and electronic music in the morning will give you a lot of energy to start your day.

amilcar merentes/ amilcar@thinkingrow.com

amilcar merentes/ amilcar@thinkingrow.com

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