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Black Sabbath and Bach



Before the dark and heavy music styles such as Black Metal music, a man German discovered the way to show the soul and human existentialism through music that is sometimes tragic and sometimes shadowy. If he lived today, maybe he would be a rockstar.

Johann Sebastian Bach, has been acclaimed as the most popular musician of the Baroque style and one of the first revolutionaries men of Western music. His technique and virtuosity musical impacted, years later, to another musicians like Beethoven, Mozart or Joseph Haydn.

Really, Bach was a Lutheran deeply dedicated to religion, in fact the religion was his inspiration and took part of his music, literally he dedicated his life to translate the Bible in notes and silences. Bach’s work is virtuous and inspiring, but at the same time melancholy and dark.


In his time he was misunderstood artist, his music was omplicated  and  too loud to be accepted at first contact. With Bach, the prelude, the sonata, the fugue, the overture and the suite acquire the genuine evolution; from him the music becomes more complex and noisy.

But the music of this German was not valued in his time, it took many years for his work could be categorized as a musical phenomenon that, ex post facto, influenced the improvement of music around the world. However, it is well known that classical music, jazz music, blues and rock music are historically linked, either by their vicissitudes of the transition social process, due to the cultural transformation that they generated or because their interpreters revolutionized their own environment.

Therefore, the explosion of pop music in the 20th century showed how the labor of classical composers could reach a young  market and fall in love them. From those years, emerged between 1960 and 1970, important names like Rick Wakeman, Peter Gabriel, Greg Lake and a lot of musicians who defined what later came to be known as progressive rock, which is nothing more than a some kind of modern baroque style.

As well, it has been circulated the link between baroque music and the work of Black Sabbath band because from their start Black Sabbath popularized the use of semitones,notes diminished through a musical interval known as Tritone.

However, this fact was not planned, the main composer of this band, Tony Iommi, did not have an academic education in medieval or baroque music  and once admitted that the sound of the band was just  the need to make a rock style different from what was playing in England for that moment.

To be concluded Bach’s music can have an undefined value today, not only from the perspective of academic music, but also for musical styles such as jazz and rock music; maybe the jazz and rock music will become in the classical music  of the future.

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