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Five Ways For Boys To Make Money


Why to think in lemonade stands or mowing lawns?. Did you know, there are more unusual ways?. In this article I am going to show you 5 ways for boys make money.

1. Computer service. let’s face it, younger kids can show old folks how to use a computer and the internet, and we old folks will be willing for a fee. so many young kids know a lot about computers and sofware, and games, and social network, and, and. Even they can even set up computers for new owners who are using them for the first time.
2. Be a chef. At about eleven years old, I used to sell meals to my brothers. I got 25 cents for scrambled eggs or a sandwich, and more for more complicated meals. My brothers preferred to stay in front of the TV and let me cook for them. Since the food was already provided by my parents, the income was pure profit.

3. Personal services menu. If there are many people in the family, a great way for kids to make money is to sell their services. They can make a menu of things they’ll do and how much they charge for each. It might include washing windows for 50 cents each, for example, $1.50 to walk a dog or to care of the cat. Also, it could be handed out to neighbors

4. Household carnival. I charged my brothers five cents for a wadded up piece of paper selected from a bucket full of them. Most had a penny or two inside them, but a few had a quarter. It was just one of my “carnival” events. I also had them throwing pennies at a bowl across the room, which I kept, of course. If a penny stayed in the bowl they won a dime. I’m almost embarrassed to say how much of their hard-earned paper route money I took from them.

5. Collect returnables. We collected and returned cans and bottles for a deposit as kids. Now that more states have return laws, it’s an even better way to make a little cash. During the Cherry Festival, when I lived in Traverse City, Michigan, adults came to town just to collect the cans that people threw all over. If the kids wear gloves, leave broken cans and bottles alone, and use hand sanitizer, this is a safe way to make money.


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